Marina di Ravenna

Экскурсии из Лидо Адриано

Without doubt, the trendiest resort in Ravenna. Marina di Ravenna is alive all through the summer: From the first light of dawn, when it is magical to walk along the shoreline, well into the night, when the music from the bars attracts young people from all over the region, and beyond.

This old fishing village, built over a century ago, has managed to transform and renew itself over time. Able to anticipate and interpret new trends, Marina di Ravenna, is today one of the preferred destinations to spend the summer on the Romagna Riviera.

Wide boulevards surrounded by greenery and villas from the beginning of the twentieth century surrounded by lush parks overlook a wide beach more than two hundred metres long with high quality bathing establishments.

Lovers of walking can follow fascinating hiking trails like the walk that leads to the discovery of the Corsini Canal, or the fish market and the octagonal lighthouse. The latter, on the Molo Dalmazia, with its three-mile long 'walk by the sea', makes a unique and charming addition to the village.

Worth of note is also the recent completion of the touristic port 'Marinara' with more than 1,000 berths. The marina is a great quality project that contributed to the title of the Adriatic capital of leisure boating being awarded to the town.

For sea enthusiasts, it's well worth visiting the National Museum of Underwater Activities, currently the only one of its kind in Italy, which houses a considerable variety of materials, equipment, prints and dioramas.


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Not to be missed

Diving enthusiasts should visit the picturesque area of the biologically protected area 'Paguro', approximately 12 miles off the coast and dedicated to the restocking of local fish populations. Formed on the remains of a methane drilling platform sank in 1965, the shape of the wreck has been colonised over the years and is today inhabited by animals and plants that make it a unique destination for both researchers and divers.
Marina di Ravenna is not just a summer destination. During the Christmas season, an extensive program of events, under the name of Winter Sea, is organised to maintain, even in the coldest season of the year, the connection between the city of art, Ravenna, and its wonderful beaches.