Marina Romea

Excursions from Lido Adriano

Quiet, relaxing and evocative landscapes of rare beauty make Marina Romea one of the most elegant beaches on the coast of Ravenna.

This beautiful place - with the lagoon of Pialassa di Baiona at its back and bordered to the east and west by the century-old pinewoods - offers tourists a priceless holiday experience, based on the ancient Roman concept of 'otium' (or leisure time).

Marina Romea, with a marina for small boats, its villas at the edge of a lush pinewood and golden beaches with modern bathing facilities and natural dunes, guarantees complete rest and a carefree life.

Marina Romea is the place, among those in the PO Delta, to go for the best bird watching experience. Immersed in a lush pinewood, it is also close to a picturesque area of brackish water and it is the closest place to the Mandriole Valley tower, which is the best hot spot to observe birds in the whole delta. From this tower, it is possible to tick the most numbers of birds in our checklist not moving from the spot. All you need is a good pair of binoculars and, if you can, a good scope to enjoy all the surprises offered by this humid fresh water area, a trace of the natural brackish lakes that once characterised the area.


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