Parco del Delta del Po

Excursions from Lido Adriano

The Po Delta Regional Park consists of six different sites, three of which are in the province of Ravenna: The areas named ‘Pineta di san Vitale e Pialasse di Ravenna’ and ‘Pineta di Classe e Salina di Cervia’ (both entirely within the province borders), and the ‘Valli di Comacchio’, shared with other provinces.

Valli di Comacchio

These lagoons are the kingdom of eels and of the thousands of birds that can be seen while following one of the many existing paths. More than 13,000 hectares of water, where the landscape is marked by the typical vegetation of salty areas. Take a close look at them with our virtual visit or on board of comfortable motorboats following an historical/cultural itinerary.


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Pineta San Vitale - Piallasse di Ravenna

The lush pinewood of Ravenna welcomes visitors in a suggestive atmosphere. Easy paths cross it and give chance to admire several species of birds. Many 'winged' inhabitants find shelter in the nearby wetland of Punte Alberete. It is possible to go catch a glimpse of them, and to organise excursions following the many itineraries available.

Pineta di Classe – Salina di Cervia

The age-old salt pan of Cervia is an extraordinary natural habitat. A virtual visit can hide many surprises. One of them is surely the visit to discover the 'white gold', so precious in the past, but so common in its modern production. Itineraries through the pinewood will let you admire the different ecosystem of the Park, whilst following the traces left by birds along some of the paths.


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