A beautiful summer

Any seaside resort that wants to keep up with modern times needs to be able to offer wellbeing services and treatments to meet the needs of the most demanding guests. There's never enough time to treat yourself during the year. But while on holiday, there's the chance to schedule some time for yourself. A massage, a top up for you tan, some beauty treatments are all small but pleasing gestures you will be able to treat yourselves (or, why not your partner?) to in any of the Beauty Salons in Lido Adriano. Coming back home from your beach holidays, ready to face your daily routine, finally relaxed and happy with your new look, will give you enough energy to lat for some more months, until your next holiday!


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Spas & Thermal Water

Punta Marina Spas are situated between the lush pinewood and the beach. They are 10 km from Ravenna, famous city of art, mosaics, culture, and music. Originally a centre for thalassotherapy opened in 1963, they have been declared a thermal spa in 1991, after studies by the University of Ferrara detected the presence of calcium-magnesium-salt-bromoidic mineral water at 42 m underground. The therapeutic benefits of the mineral water at Punta Marina Thermal Spas have been recognised by the Italian National Institute of Health in 1991. This thermal water, nowadays employed for all thermal treatments, is very rich in magnesium (470 mg/l) and is a rare kind of fossil water, particularly indicated for pathologies of the osteoarticular, respiratory, otolaryngologist, and gynaecologic systems. The Thermal Spa has been awarded a first class plus rating by the Italian Ministry of Health.

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